Hire One Testimonials

“Without question, this was the best quality, most useful workshop I have attended in the past six months.”
– Job Seeker
“I really enjoyed the format of the Hire One Networking event! We all mingled – hiring managers, recruiters and job seekers. I introduced one job seeker to a hiring manager which resulted in an interview and a new hire!”
– Automated Financial Systems

“The job seeker coaching provided by the Hire One team was a turning point in my career change path in terms of great suggestions and tasks.”
– Job Seeker
“A Hire One event is a must for all job seekers and employers. Great talent, great people, great experience. Hire One is #1!”

“The Hire One team has been extremely helpful with my transition into my “next chapter.”  They have provided amazing career coaching and have helped me through the entire process of reviewing my resume and upgrading my interviewing skills.  The job seeker workshops are truly invaluable.”
– Job Seeker
“The Hire One event was a great way to meet and interact with people looking for their next opportunity – different from any other event I have attended!”
– Sherwin Williams
“I just accepted a new job! I appreciate all Hire One’s resources and guidance as it gave me the confidence to sell my transferable skills. I don’t think I would have been aware of the open position had it not been for Hire One. THANK YOU!”
– Job Seeker
“I look forward to using the information I learned in your workshop today at my interview tomorrow!”
– Job Seeker

“I found this presentation to be very interesting and thought provoking. I plan to use these tips in my job search.”
– Job Seeker